8 Ways To Include Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

8 Ways To Include Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

Many couples want their kids or families kids involved their special day, especially those having second weddings and are bringing together kids from another family. Here are 8 ways to include special little people in your wedding ceremony.

1.  Ring Bearer- A lovely traditional job for a young boy and one that always makes the bearer feel very special.

2. Flower Girl- What little girl doesn’t love the idea on walking down the aisle tossing flowers?

3. Junior Bridesmaid/ Groomsmen- Suitable for an older child (7+). There’s no rules here, your bridesmaids & groomsmen can be made up of whomever you like.

4. Usher- This is a great job for children aged 7+ or even younger with supervision. Handing out programmes and if able directing guests to their seats.

5. Reading or Song- If you have a well versed or talented child and they are confident to get up in front of your guests to read a piece or play a song then how lovely would that be!?

6. Lemonade/ drink stand attendant- Many weddings we are seeing have refreshment tables set up and what a great job for an older child to help show guests how it all works.

7. Guest book attendant- This is probably a job that an adult won’t appreciate, a child however may relish in taking the guest book around to your guests and making sure everyone has had a chance to write in it.

8. Expert bouquet holder- The Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid usually holds the Brides bouquet during the ceremony but there’s no reason why that privilege shouldn’t be given to a special little someone in your life. Just maybe that little someone is not the kind to pick apart your bouquet while your not watching!

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