Maximising Your Floral Budget

Maximising Your Wedding Flower Budget

Planning your wedding flowers is an exciting part of the wedding journey, but sometimes the vision doesn’t align with the budget. It’s totally understandable to experience sticker shock when you see how much achieving your dream Pinterest-worthy arrangements can cost. However, there are many ways we can design stunning floral displays that fit your budget while still being beautiful and unique to you. Here are some tips to get the best out of your wedding flower budget.

Be Transparent About Your Budget

The best thing you can do when contacting your wedding florist is to tell them exactly what you are willing to spend. Flower budgets can vary widely, and without this information, it’s challenging for us to provide a quote that fits your needs. By being upfront about your budget, we can tailor our suggestions and designs to ensure they are within your reach.

Listen to Your Florist’s Advice

While you may have specific ideas about what you want, it’s important to listen to your florist’s advice. We can help you prioritise your budget to get maximum value and guide you on what might not work as well as you’d hope. Our experience allows us to make recommendations that will enhance your wedding without breaking the bank.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Arrangements

One way to save money is by using arrangements that can serve double duty. For example, flowers designed for an arch can be repurposed for your bridal table or reception area. Similarly, aisle flowers can be moved to guest tables after the ceremony. This approach ensures your flowers are used to their fullest potential without needing additional arrangements. If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, it’s easier to reuse flowers. Inform your photographer about your plans so they can take room photos after the flowers have been moved and set up. This ensures every detail is beautifully captured.

Choose Flowers Wisely

The type of flowers you choose can greatly affect your budget. Some blooms are more expensive than others. Using a variety of colours and types can also increase the price. Discuss your preferences with your florist, and they can guide you on how to maximise your budget while still achieving a stunning look.

Keep an Open Mind

Having an open mind and giving your florist creative freedom can result in the best outcomes. Trust your florist to select the flowers and designs that will best fit your style and budget. Their expertise can lead to beautiful and unique arrangements that you might not have initially considered.

Trust Your Florist

Find a florist whose work you admire and trust them to make the most of your budget. We are committed to creating the best possible arrangements for your special day, using our expertise to balance cost and beauty.

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