Planning Your Wedding By Senses

Planning Your Wedding By Senses

It can be overwhelming planning a wedding and sometimes looking for answers out here in the world wide web can make the process even more overwhelming. Today I am breaking it down simply by showing you how you can plan the perfect wedding by simply catering to our 5 senses. It’s that easy!

I promise if you consider these 5 senses in your wedding planning and incorporate them into your design and decisions, your guests will feel delighted, at ease and ready for a good time!



First impressions count and this sense will be the first to hit your guests as they walk into the room. To get this right make sure your colours flow. When choosing a venue, consider the view, the shape and layout of the room, the space- not too large nor too small. Ensure the room styling is pleasing to the eye and consistent.


The sound is so important and often overlooked. Think about those first impressions again, what feel do you want your music to create when your guests first walk in, when they are sitting down to their meal, when they are boogying on the dance floor. Remember the energy of the music will depict the energy of the guests.



It’s amazing what a scent can do to a person. Remember that feeling you get when you smell salt air, fresh cut grass, a home cooked roast… consider adding some scented candles to your tables and choose fragrant florals but remember that moderation is key here, you don’t want one sense to overwhelm all the others.



Touch is another overlooked sense when it comes to weddings. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on decor and having your guests sit on uncomfortable chairs. Consider your napkins, a silky smooth fabric screams elegance while a textured linen brings out a more natural feel. Consider what items your guests will be touching when hiring and how that texture will fit with your theme.



Here’s one we all know and it’s so obvious, much of the time it is top of the priority list. Consider not only the taste of the final product but how it will be displayed, remember we eat with our eyes first and also when it will be served, we don’t enjoy it as much if it’s too late and were hungry, or rushed between courses.

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