What Your Guests Really Care About While At Your Wedding

What Your Guests Really Care About While At Your Wedding

Yes your guests notice how extravagant your dress is and how much work went into the flowers and table settings (and so they should!) but are those the things that your guests really care about, are they the elements that stay in their memories after the day has past? After years of observing guests enjoying themselves at our weddings were pretty sure we know what guests do notice and remember… and to be sure we asked a few…


“I really liked seeing my little nieces as flower girls, I could see it was pretty special for them and it just made the moment just that little bit more powerful.”

“I thought it was lovely to hear a bit of a background on the couple during the ceremony, got me a little bit teary.”

“I notice when the couple just relax and let it be, if a kid cries out and everyone carries on it makes the ceremony feel more intimate and less like a production.”

Cocktail Hour

“I either remember the food and drinks because they are great or not existent! Nothing worse than a hangry bloke or a dehydrated dame!”

“I hate it when the Bride and Groom are gone for hours and there’s nothing to do. Live music is great or lawn games or even a photobooth.”


“I remember when everything seems disorganised and we don’t know where we are supposed to be or what we should be doing.”

“I remember little details about the decor that reflects the couple like how at one wedding we went to we were told a story during the ceremony about how every time they were out he would pick a daisy and place it in her hair and how they incorporated that in their flowers and first dance song. I didn’t know that about them and thought it was so sweet.”

“I loved reading the table names which were places the couple have travelled to but they elaborated with a sentence or two about their time there so I learnt something new and thought it was more personal than a number or just the name without the meaning.”

“I always notice what’s wrong first like the room is too hot or the chairs are too close together.”

“I remember touching speeches and after some time I may not remember what that person said but I do remember it was great.”

“I love the first dance, you can tell if they have put heaps of effort into it or are just winging it but making it work, it’s either really lovely or super hilarious. Either work for me!”

“I remember that I hardly got to say boo to the Bride and Groom, they were taking photos most of the time so I kind of forgot I was at their wedding.”

See it’s not all about being extravagant and spending lots, it’s the little things that matter. Have a think about what you remember from weddings you’ve attended, with this in mind you should be able to create a really memorable day.

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