How To Deal With Negative Or Unsupportive Family Or Friends

How To Deal With Negative Or Unsupportive Family Or Friends

When we think about wedding planning we picture forming closer relationships with our loved ones, swooning over wedding details with our besties and all round just having a great time! For some that absolutely happens but unfortunately weddings can also bring out the worst in people. I’ve heard stories of overbearing mother in laws, controlling fathers and bridesmaids pulling out of the wedding. Relationships are put to the test and true colours really do show themselves. We don’t want these situations to put a dampener on the awesome experience of planning and especially the amazing wedding day itself so here is our plan for dealing with those negative or unsupportive family or friends…

You will NEVER please everyone

Everyone has a different idea on how weddings should look or feel. Everyone has a different opinion on when you should do things, if you should go traditional or unique or even what you should serve for dinner and how dinner should be served. Everyone has different priorities on where the budget should go or if you should have a cheap or elaborate affair. You will never please everyone on every detail so stop trying! When someone has a suggestion, say thank you and then do whatever the heck YOU want to do.

It’s not actually about you, don’t take it PERSONALLY

You may or may not know why someone is acting negative or unsupportive but you must remember it’s not personal and it’s their issue, not yours. Of course you need to take into account that your wedding is not the only thing going on in the lives of those around you but it is a special time for you and when it comes to wedding stuff- it’s your moment so don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

It is YOUR day

It’s so hard to say no sometimes, especially if the one you are saying no to is footing the bill. At the end of the day that person’s intention should be to be helping you to have the wedding day that you desire and it’s OK to remind them that it is your day, your only day and you would like to do it your way.

LET it go

At some point you need to get on with it and your own life, sometimes that means leaving people behind, sometimes it means forgiving their actions even when they are still behaving badly, sometimes it means standing up to that person and having that argument or that cry and then no longer letting their attitude or behaviours affect you negatively.

You only get one shot at this wedding thing so make sure it reflects you and that you enjoy the process!

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